Why shall you guys use a credit card for holiday shopping?

Love shopping for your significant another half? Who doesn’t? But shopping can be tedious, especially when you are shopping for your female partner. Most men prefer shopping on holidays due to their busy schedule in everyday life. However, shopping once at a time is more hectic than it sounds. You have to make a list, keep track of everything you purchase, note down the amount of money you are spending on items, strike off the purchased items, etc. And you have to do these during holidays, which may range from one day to one week. But using a credit card helps you reducing your burden. For more info, you may check this link-http://blog.bullz-eye.com/2016/12/15/credit-card-for-holiday-shopping/

Reasons to use credit cards for holiday purchases
• Extended warranty- If you purchase a product using a credit card, you may get extended warranty on that particular product. Even if the standard warranty of the product expires, the additional warranty provided by the credit card may help you replace your defected product free of cost.
• Price protection- If you find a lower price tag for an item you have purchased before using your credit card, you can get refunded the difference amount.
• Returns- If you want to return your purchased item, a credit card can be useful. Even if the store doesn’t accept back the product, the credit card will refund you the purchase money if you follow the instructions. However, the return of the product must be done within thirty days of purchase.
• Track purchases- You can track the purchased items using a credit card. You can find more about credit card usability on the internet.
There are several other uses of credit cards beside the ones mentioned above. Besides, carrying a credit card while shopping is easier than carrying a huge sum of money. You can get more info from the above mentioned link.

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