Music streaming: a boon for users, a curse for artists?

The music industry is extremely influential in the field of entertainment. Successful artists are global icons known and loved by the vast mass of humanity living around them. They have legions of passionate fans present in numerous parts of the globe that legitimately adore their every move. These artists followed by millions also release records listened to by millions. Therefore, their bank balances range within those numbers as well. Music artists nowadays, make a majority of their income through official releases on apple i tunes, amazon mp3 etc. However, after the popularity of streaming websites like deezer gratuit, spotify and soundcloud, the concept of downloading is slowly taking a backseat.

The impact of deezer gratuit and other streaming sites on the music industry
The modern streaming sites have created a situation where artists have criticized these mediums constantly. They feel that they are not adequately rewarded for their work because of the revenue model followed. In the download model, artists earn guaranteed revenue as the prices of each and every song downloaded is fixed. The music streaming revenue model is notably different. Services like spotify pay musicians by calculating their “market share”. This basically means that revenue is calculated on the number of streams an artist generates in comparison to the proportion of all songs streamed on the service. It has been alleged that the revenue per stream generated appears to be really low, approximately us $0.11 per stream. This miniscule figure has drawn the ire of many in the music industry. Plus premium users on spotify are given the provision of downloading music; Deezer premium gratuit users are not.

Deezer gratuit premium and other premium services for the users
Even though artists have criticized these services, users have had nothing but positive things to say. Mankind is used to simplicity, and these services have certainly simplified the activity of listening to music. Users can utilize these services at anytime, anywhere on their electronic devices. Technology has advanced tenfold, creating a life of comfort and luxury for man. click here to get more information Robux Hack.

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