How do you choose the right lenses for your sunglasses

If you are buying a pair of Burberry eyeglasses or if you are buying sunglasses from some other company for the sake of utility or for fashion, the thumb rule is that the lens color plays a major role in the kind of eyeglass you should purchase.

There are different color lenses even available in Burberry eyeglasses and each of these lenses is suited for a particular kind of activity as compared to the other lenses.

Grey lenses are the most common color of Burberry eyeglasses as they do not change the color value but at the same time they are dark for bright sunlight and yet not dark enough to impair the vision. These when polarized reduce the glare. They help in dealing with eye fatigue, they give proper color perception, are ideal for seeing things in their natural state and they can be used for all activities such as golfing, on the beach, yard work or even hunting.

Amber lenses are a fashion color and it enhances the vision. They give crisp vision and are more suited for early mornings, cloudy, foggy weather or late afternoons. They help to increase the depth perception and the reduce glare. These are good for places where the weather pattern is changeable and it is good for activities which are against the blue sky or green grass like fishing baseball, racquetball or

Roadster lenses block out the blue rays and sharpen the vision. They help to adjust contract, they reduce eyestrain and add comfort for the eyes. These are great for driving bikes, cars, motorcycles, reducing glare from digital screens, when glasses need to be worn for long periods and in all weathers including snow. These can also be used for extended use of computers,

These are just some of the color lenses.

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